Testicular Cancer Treatment

If caught early and the cancer has not spread, treatment will ordinarily be the surgical removal of the cancerous testicle. If the cancer has spread, this will usually be followed by a three to four month course of chemotherapy.

Treatment for testicular cancer may be very intensive, but most patients cured of testicular cancer have no long-term side effects from treatment. It is extremely likely that both your fertility and your sex life will recover after the end of your treatment.

If you have a testicle surgically removed, you should have the option to have a prosthetic replacement fitted. The remaining, healthy testicle tends to be able to produce enough sperm to compensate for the loss.

Thanks to advances made at the Everyman Centre, testicular cancer is 99% curable if caught early. With treatment, the overall cure rate is over 95%

What is testicular Cancer?

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