Testicular Cancer Self Examination

You should carry out these easy steps regularly. A thorough examination may be easier after a warm bath or shower as the scrotal skin relaxes.

Most lumps found on the testicles are benign but any changes in size, shape or weight should be checked by your GP.
What is testicular Cancer? Support the scrotum in the palm of your hand and become familiar with the size and weight of each testicle.
Risk Factors
Signs and symptoms
How to perform a self check
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 Examine each testicle by rolling it between your fingers and thumb. Gently feel for lumps, swellings, or changes in firmness.
 Each testicle has an epididymis at the top which carries sperm to the penis. Don’t panic if you feel this - it’s normal.

 Regular self examination will help you become more aware of the normal feel and size of your testicles so that any abnormalities can be spotted early on.

If you notice anything unusual, go and see your GP as soon as you can.