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Future Events:

21st December 2010 - Clacton Ladies Darts League Bingo Night.

22nd March 2011 - Clacton Ladies Darts League Quiz Night.

31st May 2011 - Clacton Ladies Darts League Bingo Night.

12th July 2011 - Clacton Ladies Darts League Mixed Pairs Darts Open (cash prizes) .

19th July 2011 - Clacton Ladies Darts League Ladies Pairs Darts Open (cash prizes) .

2nd August 2011- Clacton Ladies Darts League Quiz Night .

9th August 2011 - Clacton Ladies Darts League Bingo Night .

June 2012 - Maybe another BIG annual event?

Past Events :

Tuesday 30th November 2010 - BIG ANNOUNCEMENT !!!!

The Testicle Tour attended the Clacton Ladies Darts League quiz night to officially launch the great news that the ladies darts league have chosen The Testicle Tour and Everyman Male Cancer Campaign as their charity of the year. The ladies chose The Testicle Tour because of the great work Darren and Richard do locally and lets face it, all the ladies have either son's, husbands, fathers and brothers in their lives. They want to learn more about the illness so that they can educate the men who are close to them. On the night there were around 15 teams, so there was around 100 people present. There was an even a round on testicular cancer facts which went down well.

The Testicle Tour lads were joined by loyal supporters Dave Pearce and Chris Winning and they used all their vast wealth of knowledge to finish last! However it was a great night and The Testicle Tour are very grateful to all the support on the night and to the Clacton Ladies Darts League for raising awareness and monies for the cause. They look forward to attending many more events in 2011.

Saturday 14th August 2010 - Mark Gorry memorial trek up Snowdon.

Sunday 6th June 2010 - Darren One Ball Couchman, Chris Winning and Charlie Couchman all attended the Keep Your Eye on the Ball 5k run in London today for the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign. Darren and Chris, like last year, ran the 5k with a big fluffy testicle on their backs and recorded a respectable 36 minutes. This was Charlie's first ever 5k run and it also happened to be his 12th birthday today. Charlie left the older guys at the start line and posted an impressive 27 minutes. It was a really hot day and the sweat was pouring off the could even say they had a sweaty b*ll*ck each on their backs!

On the way home the lads bumped into Testicle Tour supporter and fellow survivor Ezra Williams on a bus at Hackney Wick and then when the lads arrived at Shenfield station, a survivor pulled over in his car for a chat and gave the charity the £3 he had in his man. How about the 10k next year? chance!!



Sunday May 30th 2010


The Testicle Tour was at Clacton Factory Outlet on Sunday 30th May to raise awareness of testicular cancer and collected well over £1000 for The Everyman Male Cancer Campaign (part of the Institute of Cancer Research).

The Testicle tour along with the help of its fantastic supporters achieved a Guinness World Record™ for the largest simultaneous self-check for testicular cancer ever with 208 men participating. This was the 1st time this has been attempted anywhere in the world and the lads are over the moon that this has been set in sunny Clacton on Sea in Essex, England. This was followed by 249 men and women standing together in just their underwear for 5 minutes – sadly not a record, but pretty impressive in itself and not a regular site at a shopping centre on a Sunday!! A massive THANK YOU to everyone who took put in both events and a massive THANK YOU to everyone who gave up their free time to help put on this superb event.

In addition there was loads of other entertainment on the day including David Beckham and Sven Goren Eriksson lookalikes, Football Freestyler and holder of 4 world records Dan Magness (now 5 as Dan took part in the self-check record!), who gave demonstrations of his skills and played keepy uppy with several of our younger customers.

Plus there were live performances from brilliant local band "Fagan" and tenor Ezra Williams, and the Dream 100 Roadrunners were here with the fantastic presenter Gary Mulligan who kept everyone there was popular juggler/balloon modeller David Kent, charity stalls and more!

A truly memorable day that created ground-breaking history and awareness of testicular cancer for everyone there.

Visit our page dedicated to this HUGE event by clicking here



Thursday 20th May 2010- The Testicle Tour lads were invited along to their local Pizza Hut to cut the ribbon to officially open it after it's major was an honour to do this and they waived their appearance fee in return for loads of free pizza!

Saturday 1st May 2010 - The Testicle Tour visited their home club of FC Clacton to perform their now infamous fluffy testicle penalty shoot-out. The sun shine in between the odd cloud and the club got it's highest ever attendance at the Rush Green Bowl. 245 people turned up to support FC Clacton going for the championship, plus they were very eager to get involved in the penalty shoot-out at half time, especially the younger people present. FC Clacton reserves manager Nathan Ty Smith went in goal for the fluffy testicle penalty kicks and found himself confronting around 20 excited kids who all wanted to score against him....however for the first time ever, The Testicle Tour presented a football sized fluffy testicle for the kids to kick as well as the much larger one. Freedom of choice is so important in the year 2010! The highlight of the shoot-out was watching the chairmen of the club, David Ballard and Steve Andrews take a kick each of the large fluffy testicle! It was a great shoot out with all the kids wanting to have more than one go, all the supporters were watching from the sides laughing every time Nathan let in another goal and awareness of testicular cancer was achieved. FC Clacton also won the game and finished as the runner up in the league and The Testicle Tour received £112.30 in donations, so everyone was a winner. The lads would like to thank everyone at FC Clacton for making the day a great success. Special thanks must go to the following people. David Ballard, Steve Andrews, Danny Coyle, Nathan Ty Smith, David Coyle, Jeannine Attreed, Caitlin Miller, John Green, Carol Green and Chris Winning.


Monday 26th April 2010 - Darren did a talk today for a bunch of 1st year full time plumbers at Colchester Institute. There were about 25 lads and their teacher Nick Bowyer who took part in the infamous "true or a load of b*ll*cks" quiz. The lads were very keen to listen and they all left the room at the end with a clearer understanding of how to carry out a regular self-check. The highlight for the lads was seeing their teacher Nick posing in a pair of thongs with a large pink fluffy testicle between his legs. This was all to help promote The Testicle Tour's big event on May 30th. Many thanks to all the lads for taking part in the talk and for their teacher Nick Bowyer for inviting Darren in.

Wednesday 21st April 2010 - The Testicle Tour boys did a naked photo-shoot at Stoke City FC....but don't worry, Darren covered up his modesty with one of the big pink fluffy testicles and Richard used one of the new smaller pink fluffy testicles.....make up your own minds as to why Richard had the smaller ball.....Richard said it was because Darren has the bigger belly and needs a bigger ball to cover it up! This was all done to help support Diane Martin who runs The Peacock Butterfly Appeal. and is producing a calendar for launch in October 2010 to help raise monies for awareness of testicular and breast cancer in young people. The Testicle Tour boys are very honoured to be able to take part in such a worthwhile cause.

Saturday 10th April 2010 - The Testicle Tour were kindly invited to the home ground of Barkingside FC to raise awareness of testicular cancer, funds for the cause and to do the legendary half time penalty shootout with the big pink fluffy balls. The crowd was one of the lowest they've had unfortunately, due to West Ham playing at home up the road but we still had a great time. This meant we could speak to people in much more detail and made a few handy contacts for the future too! Thanks to Jimmy Flanagan (Chairman/ Secretary) for inviting us and we look forward to visiting again in the next season. Also big thanks to Darren's Son Charlie and Richard's Daughter Caitlin for their help. You are both stars and great fundraisers!!

Tuesday 30th March 2010 - The Testicle Tour held their 1st quiz night of 2010 at The Apple Tree pub in Little Clacton. Like the previous ones, it was packed out and there were 18 teams in total. With the quiz night, the raffle and auction, a whopping £600 was raised on the night. The Testicle Tour are chuffed to bits with everyone's generosity. A huge thanks must go to landlord Terry. He worked really hard in the run up to the night and also on the night itself to make sure everyone had a great time and most importantly had a laugh. Terry loved being the quizmaster and he thoroughly enjoyed dressing up in a Doctor's outfit to become Dr Quiz.......although not many people took him up on his offer of a free testicle check! Also Terry pulled off a masterstroke. Instead of the usual finger buffet food at half time, Terry served up Pie, Mash and Liquor and everyone really enjoyed this treat and Terry received many nice comments on how tasty the grub was, so well done mate. Also thanks to the entire bar staff who worked hard all night, Stevie, Jo, Dan and Izzy.

  • The Testicle Tour would also like to thank the following people who helped make the night a success-
  • Andrew Sarek from the RFU for donating a signed Rugby Ball for the auction
  • Gary and Julie Johnson for donating a signed Spurs ball for the auction and various Spurs items for the raffle
  • Spencer Hayes for donating the signed Andy McNabb hardback book
  • Trisha Goddard for donating her signed book and fitness DVD
  • The Green family (John, Carol and Jeanette) for donating an Everyman t-shirt signed by Gareth Gates
  • Little Clacton Pre-School for lending The Testicle Tour many spare chairs and boy were they needed on the night.
  • McColl's of Little Clacton for donating a raffle prize
  • Individual Design of Little Clacton for designing The Testicle Tour polo shirts for the quiz night.

Lastly a huge thanks to everyone who came along and showed their support. The Testicle Tour cannot do these events without you and the lads are chuffed to have your support now and in the future.


Saturday 27th March 2010 - Dave Kristiansen, good friend and supporter of The Testicle Tour, got together a great bunch of his friends to complete another walk and raise monies for The Testicle Tour and Everyman's big stride campaign. This is Dave's 2nd walk he has done for the cause and this time the group raised a fantastic £1200. They walked up Cat Bell's fell in the Lake District. The Testicle Tour would like to thank the following people who took part in the walk- Dave Kristiansen, Rosemarie Kristiansen, Rachael Flynn, Tracy Hunt, Gemma Llewlywn, Paul Crute, Rob Lafond, Kevin Ainscough, Carol Shelly, Lee McClure, Greg Burke, and Craig Bradshaw. Also thanks to Scott Aitchinson, Mr Forgey, Dave Forshaw and to all at Cardinal Heenan school in West Derby for the use of their mini-bus for the day. The Testicle Tour really appreciates Dave and his friends support and they look forward to perhaps doing a future walk with them all one day!


Saturday 27th March 2010 - The Testicle Tour were invited to Colchester United FC to help raise awareness amongst the supporters in the game against Wycombe. There was lots of health awareness initiatives going on throughout the day and this was organised by Natalie Blyde as part of Colchester's healthy stadia initiative. At half time The Testicle Tour performed their customary fluffy testicle penalty shoot out with the help of club mascot Eddie The Eagle and 10 children who had been involved with the health initiatives run throughout the day. The day was a great success in raising awareness amongst the crowd, it's just a shame Colchester conceded an equalizer in stoppage time to drop 2 valuable points. Many thanks to the following people who helped set up the day and for making The Testicle Tour very welcome. Matt Hudson (media manager at Colchester Utd FC), Natalie Blyde for organising all the health initiatives and also to Ronnie at Hospital Radio Colchester.

Tuesday 16th March 2010 - The Testicle Tour boys were invited to talk "balls" at the St John Ambulance Clacton division. The lads hadn't done a full length talk together for a while because of Richard's work commitments, but it was like they had never been apart. The talk went down really well with everyone present and the lads were made to feel very welcome. Something remarkable happened during their  "true or what a load of bollocks" quiz. The team of men actually beat the ladies team. Normally it's the ladies who win this quiz, so Darren and Richard were chuffed that the men present knew their stuff about testicular cancer. The lads would like to thank John MacAllister and Sarah Obeney for inviting them along and to everyone present for listening and getting involved. The St John Ambulance are also offering their full support behind The Testicle Tour's big event on May 30th 2010.

Tuesday 2nd March 2010 - The Testicle Tour visited Cambridge United FC to stage their unique wacky fluffy testicle penalty shoot out at half time. The game was against big rivals and top of the league Oxford United FC and there were around 4000 people in the stands. The Testicle Tour were very lucky to be joined on the pitch by Oxford supporter and TV legend Timmy Mallett, the UK's number 1 Sven Goren Eriksson lookalike (aka Derek Williams) and ex Cambridge United legend Paul Wanless. The club's mascot Marvin the Moose went in goal. Along with Darren, the guys each took 2 penalties and the winner was Paul Wanless which of course delighted the Cambridge United faithful behind the goal. The event was a huge success and many people must have left the game with "fluffy testicles" on their often do you see Timmy Mallett and Sven kick a large pink fluffy testicle at a large Moose at a football ground......surely that's imbedded in those fans minds! The game ended in a 1 all draw. The Testicle Tour lads also got to meet TV sports presenter Jim Rosenthal who is a massive Oxford United fan. Before the half time event, the lads got to dine on a 3 course meal in the Harris Suite and were very lucky to have Sven and Timmy Mallett dining at their table. The Testicle Tour would like to thank fellow survivor Ian Broughall for inviting the lads to the game, Will Jones (media manager at Cambridge Utd) for organising everything for the lads and making them feel very welcome at the club. Also thanks to Sven, Timmy Mallett, Paul Wanless and Marvin the Moose for being such good sports during the half time event. Lastly thanks to Cathy Rudo Mativi-Greed for helping the lads hand out flyers and collecting monies at the end of the game. A very memorable night.

Monday 1st February 2010 - Darren was invited to The Colchester Institute to talk to a group of VRQ L2 students who are studying "Hospitality". The group of students have chosen The Everyman Male Cancer Campaign as their charity for this year and they have lots of exciting events lined up to raise monies. These include a charity 5-a-side football competition, sponsored swim and a charity meal. The Testicle Tour is hoping to make an appearance at the football event so that everyone can join in the fluffy testicle penalty shoot out, plus the charity meal also sounds long as they don't serve up meatballs! Darren was very impressed with the groups knowledge and they have definitely been doing their homework on Everyman and testicular cancer. It was a really good talk and all the students took part and listened. In fact during the "true or what a load of b*ll*cks" quiz, both teams got every question correct. Many thanks to all the students present today and also a big thank you to their group tutor Ian "chef" Perkins who invited Darren in. The Testicle Tour looks forward to seeing you all again at your fundraising events very soon.

Wednesday 27th January 2010 - The Testicle Tour were invited to The Clacton Lions presentation evening to collect a cheque on behalf of The Everyman Male Cancer Campaign. Darren and Richard were joined by Carol and John Green and their daughter Jeanette, all whom work tirelessly to raise funds for Everyman. It was a great honour to be asked to attend and the lads were over the moon when The Lions presented a cheque for a whopping £2000. This huge sum was the result of a quiz night staged by the Lions and also a quiz sheet that was sold throughout the year. Many thanks to Clacton Lions.

Tuesday 8th December 2009 - Darren opened The Xmas Fayre at the Colchester Institute ( Clacton Campus ) today whilst dressed as Santa Claus and carrying an alternative type of sack on his back....yes the big pink fluffy testicle. It was a great honour to officially start the fundraiser and Darren really enjoyed being Father Christmas and telling all the lads they were on his naughty list if they didn't check their balls! Thanks to all the students and teachers who worked so hard in making things for the stalls and for running them as well. A big thanks to Val Carter for inviting Darren to open the event and for all her hard work in setting up the Fayre. Val will be missed when she retires at Xmas. Cheers everybody!

Thursday 26th November 2009 - Darren did two talks today at the Colchester Institute. The first talk was to the B-Tec Introductory Health and Social Care students and the second talk was to the Year 2 Digital Media Group A students. The B-Tec group were mainly made up of females and there were only 4 males present. This is the first time Darren has delivered his "B*ll*cks" talk to mainly women, but it went down very well and Darren is pretty confident that most of the ladies will be having a feel of their boyfriend's balls later tonight...for health purposes of course! The Year 2 Digital Media Group A students set a new record today...they are the only group to get every question right in the "True or What A Load of Bollocks" quiz...well done lads and lasses in this group. Thanks to Tracy Guy and Tracy Pace for inviting Darren to talk and to all the students who took part and listened.

Thursday 19th November 2009 - The Testicle Tour were invited to talk at the "Don't Fear to Feel" fundraiser at the "Host" bar in Bishops Stortford. It was all in aid of a charity event called TCC Challenge ( ) which is currently being completed by Jon and Dom Wright. The lads are cycling 11,000 miles to The Tropic of Cancer and are raising monies for several good causes as well as lots of awareness of cancer, in particular testicular cancer which Jon has suffered from twice. As the event got underway, the lads were currently being given a police escort across Libya! The fundraiser was organised by Jon's girlfriend Holly Rose and her friend Emma. Holly Rose is a professional singer and is currently supporting Mica Paris on her UK tour and Holly performed a set of around 6 songs for everyone present and The Testicle Tour boys gave her 10 out of 10 for her performance. Holly Rose has an outstanding voice...check out Holly's website . After Holly's set, The Testicle Tour boys were up to give a short talk about the importance of regular self checks and to educate everyone present about how to carry out a check and what to look for....with the final message being "early detection is the key". It was a fantastic night and lots of awareness and monies were raised by all. Thanks to Holly Rose and Emma Richmond for setting the event up and inviting The Testicle Tour to give a talk, thanks to "Host" bar for letting the ladies use their venue and for donating £2 for every bottle of wine sold and thanks to everyone who came on the night to show their support. Lastly a huge thanks to Jon and Dom Wright for setting up the epic cycle challenge. Good luck guys, see you next Summer!

Friday 6th November 2009 - Darren visited the Colchester Institute and gave a talk to some new students of the Gateway Programme. The group all got involved and Darren was very impressed with their suggestions of alternative names for "testicles"....a very creative group indeed. Also a first happened at the Colchester Institute. The lads team actually beat the girls team in the "true or what a load of bollocks" quiz on testicular cancer. Normally the girls win easily, but the lads seem to have done their homework. Well done chaps. Thanks as always to Brenda Wells for inviting Darren to talk and to all the students and teachers who got involved with great enthusiasm.

Friday 16th October 2009 - Darren went to the Colchester Institute ( Clacton Campus ) on their final day of "health week" and delivered a talk to the plumbers and accountants. At the end of the session, Darren was asked if he would open the college's Christmas Fayre in December and to dress up as Santa....all monies raised to our charity...brilliant news, although Santa does only check his sack once a year, so not a great role model in the scheme of things! However Darren will be there and is honoured to have been asked. Thanks guys and girls.

Tuesday 13th October 2010 - Darren attended Witham's Roundtable meeting and after a delicious 3 course meal, he delivered his usual mixture of humour and bollocks to tell the guys all about the importance of regular self checks. Thanks to Witham Roundtable for making Darren feel very welcome and also many thanks for their kind donation of £100 to the cause.

Monday 11th October 2009 - Darren did two separate talks today at The Colchester Institute ( Clacton Campus ) as part of their "health" week. The groups were made up of builders, carpenters and electricians....sadly there were no ladies present to listen to Darren talk a load of ball!


Thursday 1st October 2009 - LAUNCH OF THE TESTICLE TOUR DVD !!

Click below for the full details and to purchase:


Thursday 1st October 2009 - The Testicle Tour boys attended Everyman's annual Tacheback party at Sosho's bar in London...Tacheback is all about growing a wacky moustache to raise vital funds for Everyman.....Darren and Richard both sported the classic handle-bar tache, however Richard beat Darren's tache hands down as he dyed it a shocking pink colour...see the photo's below. (this was courtesy of Tangles Hair Salon in Clacton-on-sea).....the now famous fluffy testicles also went to the party complete with big black moustaches and they were a hit with everyone. It was a fantastic night and there was a huge array of facial hair talent on display. Everyone who had a grown a moustache took part in the "Tacheback Cat Walk Parade" and the celebrity judges, which included Keith Lemon, the Fast Show's Charlie Higson and British Rally champ Guy Wilkes, chose 10 of the best "tache growers" to go through to the final.....and guess what, both The Testicle Tour boys made it through, however we didn't win, mainly because the winning tache was a belter. Well done to everyone who took part and many thanks to Everyman for all their hardwork in making sure the event was a huge success. For the full 200 pictures visit the album in Facebook.

Tuesday 29th September 2009 - The Testicle Tour held a quiz night at The Apple Tree pub in Little Clacton and the lads were well chuffed with how many people turned up....there were 17 teams and the place was packed to the was so busy that Darren popped along to Little Clacton pre-school with Pauline Green to collect around 20 little kids team had to sit on them the whole night but took it all in their stride by calling their team name "Kiddies Corner".
Everyone had a great time and the quiz was eventually won by "Kiddies Corner" (must have been the small chairs that helped). With the quiz, raffle and auction being a great success, we raised a fantastic £861...the signed Spurs shirt went for £250 to Nicole and Andy Travers. The Testicle Tour would like to thank everyone who came along to show their support and also to everyone who donated prizes for the raffle and auction. However a massive thanks must go to John and Sam at The Apple Tree for holding the quiz for us, providing nibbles at half time and generally making everyone feel welcome. Here's to the next quiz night in March 2010.
Here's a list of companies/people who donated prizes- The Apple Tree, Profiles Hair Salon, Creative Image Hair Salon, David Nelson, Geoff Nelson, Helen Hollick- author, Wick Lodge Carvery, Tesco, Manroes Menswear Frinton- Paige Auger, Tom Blowers, BP Autos, The Healing Room- Joyce Hardman, Si Twining- Chicks With Balls Charity Calendar, Tottenham Hotspur FC, Kirsty Taylor, Karen Knight, Arrow Car Sales, FC Clacton, Gary Horne, McColls.

The Winning Team: Kiddies Corner!! (Note the tiny chairs...)

Saturday 19th September 2009 - Darren and Richard visited Millwall FC's ground on Saturday 19th September to take part in the half time events. Wearing their pink fluffy testicles, they ran part of the junior relay race around the pitch (where Darren won, but only coz Richard... ripped his testicle OUCH!) and they also took part in a penalty shootout with Millwall's popular mascot, but they used the fluffy testicles instead of a football. Many people in the crowd also wore moustaches to support Everyman's Tacheback campaign which The Testicle Tour is taking part in. Lots of awareness was raised on the day and Millwall beat Huddersfield a good day all round. Thanks to Millwall FC and especially Deano the media manager for arranging the day for us.

Wednesday 2nd September 2009 - Friends of The Testicle Tour Mikey "One Ball" Curtis, Andy Todd and Mike Wells were discussing fishing a few weeks back and they got on to the subject that someone had caught 300 fish in 3 hours......hard to believe isn't Mike Wells challenged Andy to catch 200 fish in 2 hours and Andy came up with the idea to do this as a fundraiser for The Testicle Tour and Everyman Male Cancer Campaign. So on an overcast day, with rain in the air, Darren set off to see Andy have a go at his challenge. Darren arrived at a lake in the village of Over near Cambridge which was kindly supplied by the Manderson Trust. The Manderson Trust ( are themselves a charity and have a number of lakes catering for all types of coarse fishing in a friendly atmosphere. The fishery is set in lovely surroundings and is purpose designed to facilitate anglers with disabilities. It's looked after by a really great chap called Charlie Flack who devotes most of his spare time to the cause.

On hand to help Andy count the fish and lend his support was Tony Cooke, Operations Director of Lab21 Ltd ( guys do lots of medical testing, including many involving cancer tests, so it was great to meet Tony and have a chat about the good work they are doing.

Andy started fishing at 3.45pm and by 4.30pm he had caught a whopping 137 fish. Speed fishing is amazing to watch and Andy was literally putting his whip in ( technical term for the rod he was using ) and pulling it out within seconds with a fish on it.

When the 2 hours was up, Andy had caught 236 fish.....unbelievable.....a fantastic effort. Just as Andy finished the rain started to come down, however he let Darren's son Charlie have a quick go and Charlie got a fish on his first ever cast and his face lit up. Two minutes later, Charlie had caught 5 fish, perhaps he could offer a challenge to Andy next year.

The event was a huge success and so far with online donations and pledges from family, friends and work colleagues at Mike One Ball Curtis's and Andy's firm Steris Ltd (, the total should be close to £300. Excellent job considering the event was only set up a couple of weeks back. Charlie Flack from the Manderson Trust is also going to get the event put in the local Cambridge newspaper, a fishing magazine and in their newsletter to all their members, so hopefully there will be a few more donations to come.

Well done guys, we truly value your support....and remember, in true fishing style...don't forget to check your tackle!

Sunday 16th August 2009 - The Testicle Tour attended "Checkemlads Snowdon Memorial Challenge" in North Wales. However Darren decided he would do the walk up the 3500 ft mountain complete with his fluffy testicle, as did Nick O'Hara Smith. The walk was organised by Checkemlads founder Philly Morris and he took everyone on the longest but easiest route up....easy indeed! Darren's legs are still aching 2 days after the walk. The weather was so different to when the walk started at the bottom...about 45 minutes from the top the wind was blowing a gale and the clouds were making visibility poor. Darren was worried his fluffy testicle might get carried away in the strong winds and take him with it, now that would have created some awareness! However, in spite of the weather at the top of Snowdon, it was a really great day and it brought together fellow cancer survivors and it raised lots of awareness of testicular cancer and lots of monies too for the Clatterbridge Centre of Oncology. Well done everyone who took part and a special mention to Philly Morris for setting the walk up. Good on you mate.

Saturday 18th July 2009 - Friend of The Testicle Tour, Mikey One Ball Curtis, held a charity BBQ in his garden for the cause. Mike and his good wife Julia were all set to come on the London walk but unfortunately couldn't make it, so Mike decided to still do a fundraiser and came up with a charity BBQ. After a raffle, an auction and selling pints from a huge great keg of Stella, Mike and Julia raised a whopping £720 for The Testicle Tour and Everyman. Well done to you both. A fantastic effort.

Friday 17th July 2009 - The Testicle Tour and Bob Hammer's Have a Ball Golf Foundation joined forces to raise the awareness of cancer in England and America. For more info on Bob's campaign see . Bob's raised a huge amount of money since his campaign was launched in fact over $400,000 has been donated to several cancer charities in 4 years by the foundation. This year was the first time Bob has ever teed off using one of our well known fluffy we decided to support his cause and do the same in England...have a look at the photo's on this can see we had a ball! This years golf event in America has raised a further $150,000! Well done to Bob and all his team,a fantastic effort. The Testicle Tour would like to thank Catherine Smith and her team at Millers Barn Golf Park in Clacton on Sea for their help and support.


And here are pictures from the stateside half of the event:

Sunday 12th July 2009 - Darren appears in the new Cancer Research UK advert for TV, for more information on this campaign please visit


Saturday 11th July 2009


This involved a large group, some survivors like Darren, walking around London many armed with a large fluffy testicle. There were testicular cancer survivors from all over England and even one from the United States which made this a truly international event.We visited major London landmarks, where the whole group and the fluffy testicles had their photo taken. Also during the walk, one of the survivors Ezra Williams (a talented classical singer and musician) performed his own rendition of Nessun Dorma to include testicular cancer references. Darren also (attempted) to sing his own version of "Singing in the Rain" and "It's raining Men" to keep everyone smiling throughout the wet day. The official patron of the Testicle Tour Dr Chris Steele MBE also attended and started the tour with his supporting words and very loud air horn. Here is a group picture of everyone who took apart:




Monday 29th June 2009 - The Testicle Tour and valued friend Nick O'Hara Smith visited the Wimbledon tennis championships with their fluffy testicles. They wore some fetching t-shirts bearing the slogan "new balls please!". The day was very hot and they literally sweated their b*ll*ck off. Unfortunately the boys weren't allowed into Wimbledon itself, something to do with the fact that the fluffy testicles were too big, however this didn't deter the boys from spreading their message. They spoke to all the crowds outside and also entertained the long queues by showing off their large balls and then they educated everyone about testicular and prostate cancer. A thoroughly worthwhile day even though the boys couldn't get in the ground to sit on Murray's Mound....look out for the lads next year.




Saturday 20th June 2009 - The Testicle Tour boys were at the grand opening of the new men's clothes shop "Manroes'" in Frinton on Sea. The owner, a young lady called Paige Auger, has kindly agreed to support our cause and The Everyman Male Cancer Campaign. Paige kindly donated 10% of her opening day's profit to The Testicle Tour and Everyman and this raised £60 for the campaign, however Paige isn't stopping there. She will continue to support our charity by having a collecting tin and selling Everyman pin badges in the shop and she is also taking part in the big charity walk around London on July 11th and so far has collected £120 in sponsorship. Well done Paige, we really appreciate your support and look forward to working with you for many years to come. The Testicle Tour boys would also like to thanks Paige's mum, Anne Haslam as well as Holly and Jamie, for their support also. By the way, the shop is fantastic so get down there and have a look.


Monday 15th to Friday 19th June 2009 - The Clacton Campus of the Colchester Institute held a fundraising week for The Testicle Tour and called it "Balls" week. They held lots of events with "ball" themes and even managed to get hold of 3 cricket balls signed by Ashley Giles and a signed All Blacks rugby ball for their raffle. All the students and teachers worked really hard in setting up the week and it was great to see everyone getting involved and focusing on why the events were taking place. On the Wednesday of the week, Darren gave a talk to a large group of students ( see Wednesday 17th June below for more details ) and then on the Thursday afternoon, along with Tesco's community champion Gloria Dawson, he helped judge their charity thong day. The winners were as follows-

  • 1st place: Ross Falco
  • 2rd Place: Mitchell Gifford
  • 3rd Place: Mark Cornell, (in photo Daniel Winter)

Many thanks to Hayley White for all her efforts in setting up the week and also for making a fantastic thong, which would have won if she wasn't a teacher! Also thanks to Gloria Dawson at Tesco for providing the prizes. Here's to many more charity thong day's in the future at the campus. A fantastic effort of £200.79 was raised during the week, but there is more to come as there will be a special "balls" raffle held in September.


Friday 19th June 2009 - The Testicle Tour (sadly missing Richard due to work commitments) visited Cambridge. With the help of Nick O'Hara Smith, Tom Bowers and 3 fluffy testicles, the lads walked and talked around the city. It was University Ball week around the colleges and the lads wore t-shirts with the slogans "I'm qualified to go to a Uni-Ball" and these went down very well with lots of people as did the large fluffy testicles. Before the walk, the lads were invited into the studios of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire to talk about the event, click here to listen to the full interview at 1hr:24min:45s. The lads had a great day and raised lots of awareness in the city, not just with the locals, but with lots of Spanish, American, French and Japanese tourists. They even leant the Spanish word for testicles. An American girl even said that she saw The Testicle Tour last year at Stonehenge and now she has see us again in Cambridge... perhaps she's starting up a fan base or something. Darren also managed to spot ex England and Essex cricketer Derek Pringle walking towards us in the city centre and managed to persuade him to pose for a photo with us he's never seen a ball as big us our ones before! The lads also had a trip on a punt, although Tom nearly slipped into the river whilst attempting to get onto it...the silly little punt! The Testicle Tour would like to thank Scudamore's for allowing us a free ride on their punt The event is definitely something that will become an annual thing, possibly with Oxford University Ball week also. On the day the lads also managed to collect £159.06.


Thursday 18th June 2009 - Darren visited the Colchester Institute in the morning to set up an awareness stall in the main foyer and also to judge the winners of the first ever charity thong day in the college. It was a great morning and it was nice to see so many people had taken the time and effort to take part in the competition. However not only did the competition raise monies, the students also set up their tuck shop next to Darren and donated all their morning's takings to the charity. There was also a competition to guess the number of pink testicles in a jar ( okay, they were strawberry bon-bons really ) and they also baked lots of cakes to sell. Everyone worked really hard in making the event a success and The Testicle Tour would like to thank the following groups and their teachers for their efforts. The Gateway Programme, The Pathway Programme and The Work Prep Programme. Overall a huge amount of £205.68 was collected in around 3 hours, what a fantastic achievement. The winners of the wackiest thongs were as follows-

  • 1st place- Christopher Rolfe
  • 2nd place- Charlie Mitchell
  • 3rd place- Shenagh Angell

The Testicle Tour would like to thank Brenda Wells for making the event a huge success and also thanks to Gloria Dawson at Tesco for providing the prizes.

We hope to make this event an annual day within the college.



Wednesday 17th June 2009 - Darren visited the Clacton Campus of Colchester Institute during their "balls" fundraising week to give a talk to around 50 students and 6 teachers. This was by far the biggest group Darren has spoken to at the Institute, however this didn't put him off at all and if anything, he actually rose to the occasion ( something he struggles with at home ) and talked even more b*ll*cks than usual. Everyone listened and asked questions, which was very pleasing to see. Once again The Testicle Tour would like to thank Hayley White for inviting Darren to the college and also for setting up the "balls" fundraising week. As in all the talks, Darren picked on someone to wear a wacky thong and the unlucky person today was teacher Russell, although judging by the photo's he seemed to enjoy all the attention...lets hope he takes part in the charity thong day on Thursday 18th June. Some of the lads also couldn't wait to put on a thong and get in the photo's. Thanks to everyone at the college for making Darren feel very welcome as always. Although the comedy Dr Dick was missed....


Sunday 7th June 2009 - 2 Events for the Testicle Tour today!!

The Testicle Tour took part in Everyman's annual "Keep Your Eye on The Ball" 5k run at Victoria Park Hackney.....but with a difference. Darren Couchman and Chris Winning took part each wearing a large fluffy testicle on their backs. The sun was beaming down when the race started and after 30 minutes and 59 seconds, Darren and Chris had completed the 5 kilometres ( 3.2 miles ).They thoroughly enjoyed their day and met lots of great people, including footballers and fellow survivors Neil Harris ( Millwall ), Matt Duke ( Hull City ) and Craig Easton ( Swindon ). When they crossed the finishing line, they got down on all fours so that they looked like a couple of snails crossing the line...see the photo below. The only downside of the day was that they both ended up with sweaty b*ll*cks ( the fluffy ones that is! ).


The Testicle Tour also took part in Cosmopolitan setting a new Guinness World Record® for the largest gathering of men wearing nothing but their pants ! Richard Miller, Nick O'Hara Smith, Dave Pearce and his Son James Pearce all represented the Testicle Tour whilst Darren was recovering from his run. It was a fantastic day held at Twickerham Stoop (home of the Harlequins) with sunshine breaking out just for the event followed by more very heavy rain. They also enjoyed the company of celebrity Jenni Falconer who also supported the event and even posted a picture of the Testicle Tour lads on her Twitter page ! Read more about the event and watch the video here.

Wednesday 3rd June 2009 - Darren makes his debut on the Arabic news channel Al Jazeera and probably becomes the first ever person to talk balls in Arabic !! Click here to view the report.

Saturday 16th May 2009 - Nick O'Hara Smith, fellow testicular cancer survivor and friend of The Testicle Tour, visited Durham cricket club to watch day 3 of the test match between England and The West what's so unusual about this you may ask...well Nick took his fluffy testicle and represented The Testicle Tour to talk about cricket balls and men's balls. After much deliberation from security officials, Nick was allowed in the ground with his fluffy testicle and spent much of the day talking to lots of people about cancer awareness....he even got England wicket-keeper Matt Prior to sign his fluffy testicle, great job Nick. The Testicle Tour is well proud of Nick's awareness effort on this day, especially as he tried to get in the previous day ( washed out completely ) and also a week earlier, he was due to watch day 4 of the first test match at Lords, but never made it because England had wrapped up a win on day 3. Nick didn't give up and in the end it was all worthwhile.

Watch out for Nick and The Testicle Tour working together on some awareness stunts throughout the rest of 2009. To read more about Nicks efforts, please visit his blog by clicking here.

Sunday 10th May 2009 - Richard's daughters, Brittany and Caitlin Miller, and their friend Chelsea Ablett took part in the Frinton and Walton 2 mile fun run. They all did really well and finished in around 30 minutes. What was even more remarkable was that they managed to collect over £60 in sponsorship in just under a week.....well done girls....The Testicle Tour is very proud of their achievement and very grateful for the monies they raised in such a short time!



Saturday 2nd May 2009 - The Testicle Tour has an official song- it's called "Check your Nuts" by the American band Jinx Titanic from JINX TITANIC Booted & Cuffed (Big Dixie)...The Testicle Tour is very pleased that the band have given us permission to use their song in our awareness campaign. Want to know how you can get your hands on a free copy of this track? If you make a donation of £5 or more to our cause, then The Testicle Tour will send you a free MP3 version of the song. Visit to make a donation and for more details of how to claim your free copy.Listen to the track accompanying a short explanation of how to check you nuts below !!

Thursday 9th April 2009 - The Testicle Tour boys attended a charity five-a-side football match hosted by Talksport host and ex-premiership footballer Jason Cundy. The match was staged as part of the "Keep your Eye on the Ball" campaign which is a project run by Everyman, The FA and The PFA  to help raise the profile of male cancers within the football community. The match was officiated by premiership referee Peter Walton. Darren took part in the game and was picked to play on the "blue" team with the likes of Jason Cundy, ex Blue singer Anthony Costa, singer Rick Parfitt Junior, Sun Newspaper Columnist Gordon Smart and TV Presenter Giles Vickers Jones. They were up against the very athletic and physical "white" team, which was made up of Rugby player Martin Offiah, footballer Phil Babb, Gladiator "Hunter" and testicular cancer survivor Chris Baynes. David Van Day was also present as the physio for both teams. Luckily the weather was okay and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game, which the "white" team won 6-4. Although the game was only ten minutes each half, Darren clearly showed how unfit he is, which to be honest doesn't bode well for his 5k run in June! The highlight of the game had to be when survivor Chris booted the football towards Darren and it struck him a hefty blow on his solitary nut....this certainly re-inforced the campaigns' message of keep an eye on your ball...if Darren had, may be he could have got out of the way a bit quicker! After the game, all the players and referee Peter Walton took it in turns to try and score a penalty against Jason Cundy's son James....but using one of the big pink fluffy testicles instead of a football....however, this proved very difficult as the goals in a five-a-side match are very small fact no one scored at all, however we all put this down to James being a very agile goalkeeper. The Testicle Tour boys thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and would like to thank Jason Cundy,his wife Lizzie and everyone at Everyman who worked so hard in organising the event and making it a day to remember.


For the full album of pictures from this day visit our album in FaceBook and watch the video below:

Friday 13th March 2009    - "Pot your Balls" fundraiser for Everyman Male Cancer Campaign at Little Heath school in Reading ( year 9 )- organised by Ethan Harris, Alex Browne and George Howes. These lads are also doing GCSE coursework on testicular cancer. The lads managed to raise a fantastic amount of £39.08 for the cause, well done to you all !

Thursday 12th March 2009 - Darren and baby Ruby attended the Year 10 ASDAN Group's coffee morning at Colbayns High School. The students spent many hours that week baking lots of cakes for the coffee morning and on the day they raised a fantastic £70...which is a great achievement, considering many of the cakes were priced at 40p each. Well done to the students and to their teachers Kathy and Ginny. That's £70 on it's way to the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign via The Testicle Tour. And before anyone says anything, Darren would like to confirm that he didn't eat the entire collection of cakes, even though the photo suggests otherwise!

Tuesday 10th March 2009 - The Apple Tree pub in Little Clacton staged another quiz night in aid of The Testicle Tour.....and boy what a night it was. A total of 15 teams turned up and there were not enough tables and chairs to go around, however this didn't deter people from having a cracking evening. We even had to use the two fluffy pink testicles as chairs at one point and it was nice to see lots of women fighting over who got to sit on them. Chris Winning even brought his own to sit on and as you can see from the photo, his testicle is much hairier than our ones. The generosity of everyone who turned up was overwhelming, who would have thought this country was in the middle of a recession. With the quiz night, the raffle and the auction, a whopping figure of £701.30 was raised in just over 2 hours, a tremendous amount. Thanks to everyone who took part, it was really great to see so much support for the cause. Special thanks to Tim and Wendy from the Apple Tree who as always made everyone feel welcome and to Wendy's mum who did all the food. Also thanks to the following companies who provided raffle and auction prizes- Tesco, P.A. Bray and McColl's. A special mention must go to Leanne Ruddy who put herself up for auction to do a massive bag of ironing for someone and also to Darcy Huxham who offered a free boiler service to the highest bidder. Unfortunately there were no bidders when Darren offered to show everyone how to carry out a self-examination of his solitary testicle, however one of Darren's books sold for £30.....then the lady realised she could have brought one for £8.54 off Amazon...oh well...all in the name of charity.

Look out for further quiz nights this year, we hope to make them even bigger and better.

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March 2009 - David Kristiansen has completed his fundraising walk around the Lake District. He was helped by Ian Carson, Mike Ewen, Mike Johnes and John Yates. Have a look at some of the photo's below.....there's one of David talking to a group of young lads about checking their plums and he even handed out a leaflet...all at the top of a peak called Cat Bells some 1700 feet up...this has got to be a world record for the highest point at which someone has talked a load of old balls....well done David.....some minutes later, poor David lost his footing and slid some 50 feet down in the mud and snapped his cruciate ligament in his left knee..... I don't know, some people will do anything to avoid walking down a mountain...see the photo of David with his leg in a brace...all in a good cause though. David and the guys hope to have raised around £500 for the cause....but this could be more....well done guys, The Testicle Tour very much appreciates your help in making sure testicular cancer is talked about more.

Saturday 28th February 2009 - John and Carol Green's Barndance raised a fantastic £412 for Everyman and they had a whopping 99 people attend ..brilliant.. look out for details of their quiz night in the Autumn.

Tuesday 23rd February 2009 - Darren was the guest speaker at the Chelmsford Round Table area meeting that evening. Darren was made to feel very welcome by all the guys and he thoroughly enjoyed talking to the group about the importance of regular self checks. Darren was looked after all evening and even enjoyed a carvery meal followed by jam roly poly with custard, even though he had eaten a full meal at home some 2 hours before. Thanks to Greg Meadwell for organising everything in advance for Darren, to the chairman Paul Walker for his hospitality during the evening and to all the guys who listened, laughed and asked lots of questions.

Tuesday 23rd February 2009   - Darren gave a talk to the year 10 ASDAN group from Colbayns High School. It was only a small group, however Darren was very impressed with the research the students had done on testicular cancer beforehand. They asked lots of informative questions and knew the majority of the answers when Darren did his quiz "True or what a load of b*ll*cks". The students also seem very keen to take part in the charity thong day planned for June this year, although the teachers seemed just as keen. When Darren was handing out the thongs for the photo, the teachers were at the front of the queue to bag the best ones! The students have also organised a Coffee Morning at their school on Thursday 12th March 2009 to raise monies for The Testicle Tour and Everyman. Many thanks to the students for listening and asking lots of good questions and also thanks to their teachers for inviting The Testicle Tour into their classroom. Darren was made very welcome and even enjoyed a rare treat, 3 chocolate digestives with caramel filling.....this is something he never normally eats as he likes to keep his athletic body in tip top condition!

Thursday 12th February 2009 - Breaking News, The Testicle Tour will be visiting the Lake District on 7th & 8th March 2009- okay we're not going personally, but a top man called David Kristiansen is representing The Testicle Tour and doing a sponsored walk to raise monies for the cause.

David will be walking around and up and down these area's- CAT BELLS & CASTLE CRIEG. Once David has done the walk, he will be sending me some photo's to place on the website, so look out for these. David also did a testicular cancer awareness talk to his colleagues at QVC ( bit of free advertising for you ) and showed them the video of me getting me knacker out on This Morning. He said he got a very good response from them all and they asked lots of questions, which is great. Cheers David, all the best with your walk and thanks for getting on board with The Testicle Tour.

Monday 19th January 2009 - Dr Chris Steele MBE becomes official patron of The Testicle Tour and says "The Testicle Tour aims to raise the profile of testicular cancer by using humour. Testicular cancer is often seen as a taboo subject, however Darren and Richard want to break down this barrier by injecting a bit of fun into their fundraising events and at the same time deliver an important message. That men should carry out regular self-examinations. I fully support everything that The Testicle Tour aims to achieve."

Dr Chris Steele MBE- resident Doctor- ITV's This Morning - Britain's No. 1 Daytime Show and Health Journalist of the Year-2007.

Wednesday 19th November 2008 – The Testicle Tour boys received an invite from Stephanie Plant from HR at Liffe (the derivatives business of NYSE Euronext part and of the New York Stock Exchange Group) in London to attend their employee Health and Wellbeing day. This event was very different from the usual presentation to a group of people, as we set up in the central atrium of their building along with other parties. As the staff passed through during their lunch hours, we talked to them about the importance of self examination, early detection and timely visits to their Doctors should they find anything untoward. We were made to feel very welcome and had great support to get our area set up for this event and hope that the staff found our approach both enlightening and entertaining! We were also treated to a delicious lunch afterwards before the long trip home. Once again, we would like to thank all involved especially for the generous donation of £500 to the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign which helps fund research into cancer treatment as part of the Institute of Cancer Research.

Wednesday 12th November 2008 - Blimey, The Testicle Tour boys were back at Colchester Institute again! Surely we deserve our own designated parking space now? We spoke to the New Approach and Work Preparation Year 2 students. Some of the teachers said they had never known them so quiet, of course we hope this was because they were listening intently to our talk and not bored out of their skulls. Richard thought it was because Darren didn't let them get a word in! All the students got involved and it was nice to see lots of questions being asked by the students, particularly the girls, at the end. Thanks to Janet Ireland and Brenda Wells for inviting us and also to Tracey "the Scouser" for making us feel welcome and brewing us up a nice cup of coffee, shame there were no pink wafers. Thanks to all the students for listening and taking part and just remember, keep an eye on your balls!

Tuesday 11th November 2008 - Wendy and Tim, the landlords of The Apple Tree in Little Clacton kindly held a quiz night on Tuesday 11th November to raise monies for The Testicle Tour and Everyman. What a fantastic night had by all. There were 10 teams in total and the rivalry was fierce. Darren's team "The Womble Warriors" got second place ( Darren's not used to coming second! ) and Richard's team "Cull de Sac" (good scrotum reference!) came 9th. Not last he was relieved to hear! The winning team were "4 blokes and 2 birds" so a huge congratulations to them. As well as the quiz there was a raffle and an auction to raise money. Although times are hard and there is a credit crunch on, we would like to say how overwhelmed we were by everyone's generosity. Overall we raised a whopping  £301.08 for Everyman, a huge amount! The highlight of the evening was surely the headmaster of the village school, Doug Brown, showing everyone how to carry out an correct examination of the testicles, see photo below. Please note the testicles in question are a model and not the real thing. Well done to little John, Tom Blowers and Doug for volunteering for the testicle examination, it take some balls to get up and show others how they play with their plums. Lastly thanks to everyone who took part and a huge thanks to Wendy and Tim for arranging the quiz night and for supplying all the prizes for the raffle and auction. If you want a great fun night out with a friendly welcoming atmosphere, then go and see Wendy and Tim at The Apple Tree in Little Clacton. They even sell Nobby's Nuts! ( well you didn't expect them to sell Darren's Nut did you?)


       Doug checking his plums...       Tim and Wendy checking each other for lumps!

Friday 7th November 2008 - The Testicle Tour boys were invited back by the Colchester Institute to do a further talk to students on the Gateway Programme. We are receiving excellent feedback from students and teachers alike and we truly hope that every lad we speak to goes home and starts checking themselves, although a few of the lads today wanted to check themselves straightaway in the classroom! It's nice to see them so keen, however we didn't want them getting detention and writing a hundred lines of "I must not get my b*ll*cks out in class".

Thanks to Brenda Wells for inviting us and to all the students and teachers present for receiving us so warmly. Special mention must go to the students and teachers who gladly posed in the wacky thongs to promote next years "Charity Thong Day".

Today was different to the other talks at Colchester Institute as afterwards we were invited back to the staff room for a coffee (champagne and caviar would have been nice ). Please take note other teachers, this has not happened before and from now on we will only do a talk if coffee and pink wafers are served afterwards. That's not too much to ask is it? One of the teachers was talking to Darren about his sperm banking episode in London ( buy the book to find out more about his hilarious experience ) and asked him "Was it hard?" Not a difficult question to answer and almost as good as a certain persons question about whether it's best to check yourself before or after a w*nk. We don't know, these teachers eh? However at least we left the staff room with a smile our on faces.

Thursday 30th October 2008 - The Testicle Tour boys attended the Everyman Annual Event at the Football Association Headquarters. We were excited about attending such a prestigious event and venue and we were hoping we would see some famous people. We weren't disappointed as within 5 minutes of taking our seats in reception, Brian Barwick ( CEO of the FA ) sat down right near us. Richard didn't have a clue who he was, but Darren the football fanatic spotted him straightaway. It was a fantastic evening and we met lots of other Everyman supporters and fundraisers. We even tapped up some fellow one ballers to help out with next years big event in 2009. The big highlight of the evening, apart from the free food and drink of course, was receiving an award from Everyman for the "most innovative fundraisers" for 2008. We were well chuffed. We were also chuffed that we were able to have our photo done with the FA Cup, yes the FA Cup. We spotted actor Marc Moroghan (Owen) from Holby City mingling about. We were going to ask him if he checked his balls regularly but of course he's a Doctor so he must do! Overall a brilliant night and our thanks go to all the staff at Everyman for inviting us to share in their success of 2008. Long live Everyman and the Institute of Cancer Research.


Sunday 19th October 2008 - Darren, Richard and their families joined the rest of the Everyman supporters at the filming of the ITV music special 'Here Come The Boys' raising awareness to testicular cancer. The show was presented by Holly Willoughby and included performances from Sir Tom Jones, Seal, Enrique Iglesias, Will Young, Boyzone and Scouting for Girls. We were welcomed with a champagne reception with representatives from all the major charities and had a fantastic time. The show will be aired on 30th November and you never know, you might catch a glimse of us in the audience!

Tuesday 14th October 2008 - Darren and Richard were invited back by Hayley White to talk to the year 2 Pre-Foundation group at Clacton College (Colchester Institute). Hayley told us that the previous talk we did went down really well and that all the students were talking about bollocks and balls. This is fantastic and makes the talks all worthwhile. Some of the students posed in thongs to promote "The Charity thong day" planned for next year and all the students and staff are very keen to get this day a must in the college's calendar. Thanks again to Hayley, all the students and the other teachers present, Sarah, Penny and Bill. The thongs you see on the students were kindly donated by Bill, top man. Hopefully we will be back by popular demand and we have even had an invite by "Student Voice" to perhaps do something at the college's Christmas Fayre.

Monday 13th October 2008 - The Testicle Tour boys were invited to do a talk for The Ipswich Lions and friends. We were made to feel very welcome and we would like to thank all those present for getting involved and taking on board our talk about the importance of self-examination. Thanks to Big Philly and his lovely girlfriend Sarah for being such good sports in the Mr & Mrs Quiz. To Adrian and Kevin for showing everyone how to examine a false pair of testicles, Joe and Maggie for letting us take the mick out of Joe's visit to strip clubs ( only joking ). Sorry we can't mention you all, only our memories are crap and we can't remember all your names. However, all those present made it an excellent night. We even had chips and sandwiches after we had finished talking bollocks. Just glad it wasn't meatballs and cocktail sausages. A big thanks to Steve Browne of The Lions for kindly inviting us and also a huge thanks to all The Ipswich Lions for their kind donation of £100 towards our charity. The cheque was presented to us by The Ipswich Lions President Bill Murton.

Thursday 9th October 2008 - Colchester Institute (Pre Foundation Work Prep) welcomed Darren and Richard for their comical Testicle Talk today. Lots of laughs were heard right down the corridor and as ever, we got some strange looks walking through the College with our pink furry balls ! Thanks to Karen Hosier for organising this and the other Tutors present. After one of the lads mentioned about having a w@#~ in the bath, one of the Tutors asked what was by far the funniest question we've heard anywhere "So should the lads check themselves before or after a w@#~?". Hilarious!! She went very red...aided by Darren and Richard of course!

The Testicle Tour presented a fund-raising idea to the group. End of term next June, all students pay £1 and wear a pair of the wackiest pants, thongs or knickers they can find. This will not only raise monies for Everyman, but it keeps our testicular cancer awareness message in the students minds. Watch this space for more details.

Thursday 2nd October 2008  -  Darren and Richard visited the Pre-Foundation group at Clacton College (Colchester Institute) in the morning to give the Testicle Tour Talk to the students there. We were made to feel very welcome by Hayley White who invited us, other staff and all the students. What a great bunch ! with lots of questions, jokes and involvement from everyone. We had the most questions fired at us from any of the talks so far !

Friday 26th September 2008  -  Darren and Richard travelled to London to present the Everyman male cancer campaign with a cheque for funds raised so far. Just short of the £5,000 target, but with more funds to come over the next couple of months to smash through this very easily !! Thanks to all the guys for making us feel welcome and to Dominique for inviting us out for her leaving drinks - good luck in your new job for Comic Relief and for all your support throughout the last few months !! Also thanks to David for taking the pictures.

Thursday 25th September 2008  -  Many thanks to Clacton Rotary Club and in particular Norman Byford for inviting Darren to talk a load of balls. Darren was made to feel very welcome and thoroughly enjoyed talking to all the members present. He particularly enjoyed the three course lunch of soup, roast leg of lamb and apple crumble and custard, which he never eats at home due to the rising costs of food and the credit crunch. Thanks to Dr Dick Farrow and Dominic Bowers of the Clacton Gazette for taking part in the fun quiz "True or What a Load of Balls" and for John Holt who manfully grabbed the testicle model in front of all his fellow Rotarians, which takes some balls! Thanks also to the Rotarians who donated monies to the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign and to those who purchased a copy of Darren's book.


Rotarian and ex-head of Colbayns John Holt practiscing on the testicle model, closely watched by fellow Rotarian and retired Doctor Dick Farrow, who seems to be gesturing that he should be grasping them more firmly (Left)

Rotarian Norman Byford was only too pleased to pose with the testicle model and show his fellow members the correct way to check ones testicles (Right)

Monday 15th September 2008  -  Darren gets a mention in a article !!

Thursday 10th September 2008 - Chicks With Balls Calendar  -  "One Lump or Two?" is being featured on the home page of the "Chicks with balls calendar 2009 " which is being produced in aid of the "Everyman Male cancer campaign" who Darren and Richard have been raising money for on the Testicle Tour. The Testicle Tour boys support The Chicks With Balls Calendar and urge everyone to visit the website and buy a copy of the calendar at Christmas to help raise much needed funds for Everyman.

Friday 5th September 2008  -  Colbayns High School - Testicle Tour Talk. Darren and Richard visited Colbayns High school, in Clacton on sea on Friday 5th September to talk to the new 6th form intake about Testicular Cancer, continuing the humourous theme around this subject with the serious message behind it. We were made to feel very welcome by Nick Farrow, other staff and all the pupils. We had a great time !!. A Facebook Group has been set up for the Pupils to discuss the subject (serious stuff AND humour!!) and if we see anything good we can pinch it for our future events !!! We even raised £87 for Everyman - very generous guys, thanks !!

Monday 1st September 2008 - Darren had a small part (and not for the first time) in a feature on cancer in BBC's "The One Show"

Friday 29th August 2008  -  The Testicle Tour charity cricket fundraiser for Everyman. On a warm sunny afternoon Darren and Richard's team (The Gonads!) took on a team from Clacton Cricket Club to help raise money for the Everyman male cancer campaign. We raised a total of £273 for the cause. The Gonads evntually won the game, however the main thing was everyone who took part and watched thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Darren felt quite at home bowling, having just the one ball in his hand! Check out the Facebook Group for full details, photos and comments. Many thanks to Gary Kirk, Steve Nippress for the photos. Matt the all important Bar man and Darren Critchell. Also thanks to everyone who played and those who came to support us.

Friday 29th August 2008  -  "One Lump or Two" wins the AmazonClicks.Com Readers Choice award for August 2008! Thanks to everyone who voted!. See online article for Clacton Gazette.


Wednesday 15th July 2008  -  Darren was invited to the Clacton Round Table monthly meeting to talk to the chaps about their balls! A great evening. Fun had by all and thanks again to the chaps for sponsoring the Testicle Tour !


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