The Testicle Tour 2008

Talking balls around England!

This took place between 21st June 2008 to 6th July 2008.

"Raising awareness of testicular cancer in a funny, light-hearted way"

Darren and Richard visited places whose name has reference to the male genitalia. Places like Bell End, Cocking, Willey, Ball, Knutsford, Penistone and many more... 

Testicular cancer is often seen as an embarrassing illness because of what it affects. We broke down this barrier using humour.

Darren used lots of humour to help him fight his testicular cancer and we wanted to bring this humour to the whole of England. Darren & Richard were literally "talking balls around England ".

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Have a look at our montage video of the places we visited and then scroll down a bit further to read our daily humorous blog after you've viewed the video !

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